Monday, December 3, 2007


From Jill Danyelle, author of the fiftyRX3 project, (a 365-day photo documentary about her sustainable fashion endeavours, now widely considered essential reading for anyone interested in the subject) we have more on how to be a green fashionista. Her philosophical musings are made imminently practical by her sharp eye for distinctive design, trends and style. Her very readable blog, the laboratory, picks out the hippest designers, stores and clothing in sustainable land.

As she tours some of NYC's best eco fashion spots (footnote: she rightly visits Anne Hettinger at Gomi but I wish she had also been to Kaight) she says the same thing as Summer Rayne Oakes: ethical fashion does not mean sacrifice or absence of style; it simply means being aware and making different choices.

At DeviDoll we'd say its all about how you curate your consumption.

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