Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Dress Up The Trollsen Twins! Dress Up The Trollsen Twins!
I've always found the Olsen twins a bit scary.

The whole look: those glassed over eyes, the smug pouts and almost-as-bad-as-Victoria-Beckham perpetually grim camera look.

The whole story: picture perfect twins start acting from inside moses basket and end up contolling their billion dollar tweeny based empire before 18. All they wear is 'in', all they touch is gold -- of course there are a few hiccups along the way like one of them had an eating disorder -- but thats a minor blip. They just sort of smug pouted that one out.

Anyway, you get the jist. These are 2 strange young women.

Now their glassy stares and perpetually grim are REALLY frightening because apparantly they are windows into the real goings-on: these girls not only wear fur, they use it in their 'lux' clothing line (The Row). So we have 2 women, icons for millions of young women everywhere who grew up with them, endorsing mindless cruelty, for the sake of fashion. And/or for profit.

PETA has rightly begun a campaign against them "Meet the Trollsen Twins" - Hairy Kate and Trashley. You can dress them up, watch a video of their hit show re-edited with fur killings interspersed, join the campaign against their actions (please do!) and watch a very disturbing video investigating the fur trade (definitely an R rating so beware). Some fur may be a by-product (whatever.) but this certainly is not.

Rich, successful, easily able to influence many young minds, and with so many choices for themselves and this is what the Olsen twins go for. Shame on them.

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