Thursday, November 29, 2007


Is it easy being green? Not for some, perhaps, but for the average fashion lover it isn't hard, especially not now. In fact all it takes is a little thinking. And, to illustrate, I'd like to introduce you to these two distinct, but equally thought-provoking, lovely green ladies.

An environmental science major, supermodel of the eco-fashion world, sustainability consulant, activist and all around hottie, Summer Rayne Oakes tells us how to get it right when we shop and why it matters. Interestingly, it is internet boutiques that are taking the lead in spreading the eco-fashion word.

Footnote: she points out Panda Snack and Doie, and also pulls out Moral Fervor's delicious grey tunic - all exclusive to DeviDoll in the UK! Nice.

Check it out.

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