Sunday, December 9, 2007


I'm going to keep this simple because it is SO easy to let the cheese and sentimentality roll out of control on a topic such as this.

Here are some fantastic and genuine ways to give love and joy this holiday season:

1) Gift a winning lottery ticket to a girl so she can be removed from poverty/sexual abuse/exploitation/poor health: the Sharanam Centre for girls in Mumbai's infamous slum Dharavi (Asia's largest) can house, rehabilitate and educate upto 30 girls. In a country where 1 in 4 girls never gets to be a teenager, this is no small gift.
2) Present a way for a child to get off the street/railway platform in New Delhi and put them in a home-like environment where they can live safely, get vocational training, have access to adequate mental and physical health care and get a new start in life. Support Karm Marg.
3) Give the opportunity to have a better life, particularly through a holistic education, to the most hopeless and impoverished of children. Let them believe that if they learn, they can be anything they wish. Involve yourself with Akanksha Foundation. Make donations in the UK here or contact London based Kids in Need of Education.

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