Saturday, November 3, 2007


Spent a great 4 days in Paris last week. Easy trip and soon even faster when the Eurostar goes from St.Pancras. So much better than flying anywhere.

So went to Colette (for the first time!!!) and it was cool but I left feeling it was somewhat over-hyped. The non-clothes stuff did nothing for me…I don’t need to go to Colette to get a fuschia iPod mini…PC World does those. The clothes were interesting, and exquisitely displayed, but not the one-of-a-kind finds I was expecting. Perhaps I’m not getting it.

A very interesting observation from Colette, though: Comme De Garcons (Watanabe) trousers in black with burnished gold stud detailing down the sides – a clear nod to this autumn’s love of metallics. Well, at DeviDoll we've just received Kelly B’s studded bamboo leggings in 3 colours (including black) with detailing along the sides. An almost exact replica of the Comme de Garcons cigarette pants. Want to keep with the trend, then check out her studded merino vest with the flirty ruffle detail.

Reading the Sunday Times International edition on the way home. Someone wrote to ask about the best cashmere around and it made me sick to see Primark recommended for its 10 pound stuff. Directly after this recommendation the article goes on to say “If you are looking for something that will last, though, (my emphasis), head to Marks and Spencer....(etc, etc)”. What could be a more direct admission of the knowledge that Primark isn’t meant to last but that it is cheap, throwaway stuff? Stuff that may be cheap at the tills but in actual fact, is costing us the earth.

When are fashion journalists going to get it?

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