Monday, November 5, 2007


How cold has it suddenly got? No way to start the week, I can tell you. Coupled with the darkening afternoons it is SO wrong. Okay, (deep breath)....maybe I should save the angst for January.

Right, glass half full perspective: its perfect weather for snuggly, chunky knits. And to further raise the level in the glass, thick, big yarn knits are all the rage at the moment: tells us to "Wrap up in giant stitches, waffle patterns and outsized scarves and ski jumpers: these extravagant knits are winter's way forward...".

At DeviDoll we are SO on the ball. If you want classic wool then look at Aymara's cashlama cable knit swing sweater , front tie cardi or huge, cozy knit scarves. Want a be a bit more adventurous, then check out Lara Miller's bamboo handloomed knits.

All fabulously chunky and very hip. An uplifting combo indeed.

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