Thursday, November 22, 2007


Japan, not satisfied with its on going slaughter of whales, has now gone out after Humpback whales. What motivates such gross disrespect and abuse of nature? If it is because the perpatrators are hungry/poor/uneducated/trying to pull themselves out of grinding poverty then, fair enough, that's a good reason. But wiping a species off the face of the earth to satisfy something as flippant as a culinary preference (of the few)...that's just plain immoral.

And to suggest, as Japan does, that they hunt for purposes of scientific research, that whale meat is part of their 'national food culture', that they rely on protein from whale meat - who are they kidding? Its now well known that tonnes of frozen whale meat is stockpiled in Japan, that the nation does not have much taste for the stuff so school's are being encouraged to include it on menu's to promote it.

Basically the Japanese have other fears about not allowing a precedent to be set regarding their freedom to fish as they please and about 'interference' in their matters.

But the point is that it's not their choice alone to fish as they please and irresponsibly finishing off species isn't their business alone. We need to make more noise, raise more awareness and boycott what we must. Ultimately, they will care about strong opinions and basic demand/supply economics more than they will about their so-called (whale-related) food culture.

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