Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wishing you a warm and cheerful festive season!

Have you decided what type of Christmas you'll be having this year? A quiet one with family and a few carefully selected gifts? A blow-out glamorous bonanza to treat yourself at the end of a tough year?

Here at DeviDoll, we've decided to enjoy a whole season of warmth, love and good feeling, rather than focus too much on the present-giving fest of just one day.

2009 has been a challenging year for families around the world, as we've worried about our jobs, our finances, our health and our stress levels. Of course, it's been that way for years for families in those countries that are regularly exploited to bring cheap Christmas gifts and winter fashions to our high street.

Now as the year draws to an end, isn't it the perfect time to gather together with the people that mean most to us, and celebrate the fact that despite what we might have endured this year, we have each other and can share good times in simple ways?

It doesn't take a bankers' bonus or a Christmas dinner table the size of a developing nation to celebrate what's important at this time of year.

Instead of going overboard with presents, why not choose one special item that can be treasured for longer than the Christmas tree will be up? Better still, make it a present that has already given something to the people that made it - maybe it's fair trade, or maybe the maker donates to charity.

We'd also recommend presents that have a uniqueness about them - perhaps they're made from vintage pieces or reclaimed textiles, and no two are the same. It's a great way to make important people to feel loved.

The festive season is a lovely time for feeling an inner warm glow, and not just from too much mulled wine! It's a nurturing and nesting time of year, too. To get that cosy feeling invest in the best ethically made knitwear you can afford, and a winter coat that will last for years.

It might seem a little strange for us to be recommending you spend carefully and thoughtfully rather than splurge this Christmas - after all, aren't we boutiques supposed to champion sales? - but to me it seems perfectly DeviDoll.

Below you'll find are our carefully chosen pieces for a considerate, warm and ethical festive season. Beyond these, we say stop shopping, pop on a warm coat in a bright colour, and go share an hour with a friend you've not seen for way too long.

Happy Festive season! Make it a warm one!

Sindhu x

Our picks for warm and cheerful season
For an exquisite and long-lasting piece in vintage cashmere, choose the Deborah Lindquist Snowflake cardigan in vintage cashmere.

To ensure a continuous income for local Peruvian craftsmen, choose the Aymara Elaya sweater in babylama wool.

To support local artisans and age-old handicrafts in India, choose the Payal Jain one-of-a-kind wool coat (pictured above).

To show a loved one you value their uniqueness, choose the Adorn The Parlours Of Heaven Necklace from AK Vintage, made from reclaimed materials.

To spread the warmth to your home, choose the Wild Divine Jaya Throw. No two are ever alike.

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