Sunday, April 26, 2009


There are times when a quickie is an absolute must, and this is such a time: this isn't a regular blog entry, its a quickie just to say "Hi, hello, we're still alive at DeviDoll blogistan HQ".

Our elongated silence is the result of a combo of reasons including business development, usual new season manic-ness (more soon on SS09 collections: Doie's 'Los Angeles', Deborah Lindquist's 'Island Girl Goes to the Desert' and Mociun's 'the Vast Expanse' and Fin's 'Nasturtium'), extensive travel (saw 2 tigers in India earlier this month, as the general election got under way, many, many political animals surfaced too) and office relocations.

But we're still here and will soon be back with our views, news, happenings, thoughts from the world of fashion, especially of the ethical, green, eco and sustainable kind.

We leave you with this.....if you missed DeviDoll's mega SpringFling back in March, don't fret, DeviDoll has another one planned for just before we all break up for summer (ie, early July). Stay tuned.

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