Saturday, February 21, 2009


Thoroughly enjoyed myself at Prophetik's AW09 show and party at Beach Blanket Babylon last night. When I first got there I couldn't see a single LFW-esque fashionable person (not to be confused with regular old fashionable people, trust me) in the heaving crowd. A kindly waiter directed me upstairs to the 'ballroom' and that, I was relieved to see, was chocka with LFW-esque fashionables.....not to mention other LFW/Estethica luminaries.

L-R: Jocelyn Whipple, Element23; Livia Firth, Eco-Age; Lucy Siegle, journalist/Observer's ethical living expert; Orsola de Castro, founder From Somewhere and co-founder Estethica. Behind Livia are her twin brothers, Nicola and Alessandro who work with her at Eco-Age.

Orsola catches me having more fun photographing her and Lucy deep in conversation, than paying attention to the show.

The show was good - a little less darkness would have helped but no harm done, really. Summer Rayne Oakes, good friend and perhaps (purely my speculation) a muse of sorts to Jeff Garner, founder of Prophetik, modelled a Prophetik dress (her own) which was painted by the elephants that Jeff helps rehabilitates. This aspect of Prophetik's work I need to learn more about.

While we are on topic of muses, I wonder if Jeff even needs one, he is such a creative, free spirit himself. He surfs (in Malibu, where he lives part of the time) and rides horses (outside, Nashville Tennessee, where he lives the rest of the time; by the way, horses feature big in Prophetik's image...there was a beautiful brown one parked outside Beach blah blah blah last night for the duration of the revelries), models in his own (very dramatic) photo shoots and generally has a very artistic vibe.

I like Prophetik's stuff -- it has the right mix of quality and laid back cool that I think fashion, in this economic environment, wants to and will embrace. I look forward to meeting Jeff again as the exhibition starts today and of seeing much more of Prophetik in these parts going forward.

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