Monday, July 28, 2008


Editor of the very cool Hippyshopper (don't let the name fool you -- this site has L-O-T-S to offer, whether you are or are not a hippy esque conscientious consumer), Abi Silvester, shares her thoughts about summer and DeviDoll's current collections on the recently launched DeviDoll Loves (love being a noun here not a verb) section.

Check out Abi's adventures in eco-living on Hippyshopper and on ShinyTV - this girl tackles more than just 'best eco swimsuit' type her take on eco can-crushers (with aplomb, we might add and involving some very fast coca-cola swigging), green (as in eco, not actual colour) kitchen cleaners and tour the Innocent Smoothie HQ.

Abi sees and hears alot about ethical living and choices and she shares the best of what she you stay tuned.

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