Saturday, February 2, 2008


The Gods/Universe/powers-that-be are doing their bit in ensuring our new year's resolutions don't fall by the wayside: 'cross-season dressing' is a big goal of ours for 2008. You shop less (and we can all agree that this is a key part of being an ecoista) and make your wardrobe work hard.Well turns out we're in good company (so what if differently inspired) -- this weekend's Wall Street Journal reports that AW08 mainstream collections are looking unusually lightweight and 'springy' because designers have realized they need to get real about the weather when they present their collections. Michael Fink, Women's Fashion Director, Saks sums it up "It's a season where we're seeing people really think about the weather and that's important. These clothes are delivered in July and it's not getting cold until October now."

I want to add 'that women travel more than ever just as a matter of routine' to Mr. Fink's observation. It might be cold in October in NYC but in California heavy wool won't cut it and let's not even think about farther afield (like India, for example).

All hail the wardrobe for all seasons.

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