Monday, February 4, 2008


photo: Dan Lecca
dress: Halston

When Donatella Versace shows a low cut evening gown made of hemp to kick off New York fashion week you know eco-fashion is on the up and up. On Thursday the great and the good of fashion attended the FutureFashion show organised by Earth Pledge and (the recently greenified) Barney's. 28 big swinging designers (including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Versace, Bottega Veneta) each contributed outfits created from sustainable fabrics.

Shalom Harlow (an old fav of ours) and Elletra Wiedemann explain what's the point and why the awareness matters. Read more details of the show itself here.

Though DeviDoll is still pondering how effective this interest from the bigwigs will actually be for ethical fashion and also, very importantly, what their interest will mean for the small (er) designers who have been working at this for years with no attention and much struggle, we are very happy with the publicity given to alternative fabrics (ingeo, bamboo, hemp and lyocell among others). High time.

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