Sunday, October 21, 2007


You can see your breath every morning now and the sunshine is very very bright. Its chilly in a crisp way, very crunchy underfoot and trick or treating is only days away. Then its November - the only 30 days of the year when the darkening evening light in London can still feel beautiful (not least because there are xmas lights at the end of that tunnel).

It's time to get out our proper winter wear -- boots, coats and, mmmmm, cashmere...gloves, cardis, caps. There is something SO deliciously decadent about cashmere...partly because it just feels so wonderful on the skin and partly because it's about luxury....which, lets be honest, is about scarcity and hence, price. Right?

Well, not everywhere apparently - what is up with the cut price cashmere all over the high street? Is that cashmere real? If yes, then, how did it get SO cheap…what....more goats out there all of a sudden? Is the entire production process being done for next to free somewhere? Something (or someone) had to give to get to those prices for cashmere – what (who) is it? If you know, do write in and tell. I’m not saying cashmere is only real if its exorbitant in price…I’m saying there is a floor to the price of things that are scarce and we have to think before we buy below that limit.

Anyway, back to (correctly priced) cashmere being a fine winter fabric – now it’s also more hip than you’ve ever seen before thanks to Deborah Lindquist. She colour blends vintage cashmere in very original ways, adds her signature appliqu├ęs and voila, we have some seriously sexy clothing for this season.

Debbie and SV at Pret-A-Porter Paris '07

Her cardis are most definitely not for granny and her gauntlets mix superbly with this season’s biker/bomber jackets.

Her dresses are perfect for this season's over-the-knee socks ensemble, especially if you team them up with, say, some killer mary janes or, for a really SJP look, ankle-boots.


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