Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exclusive - DeviDoll launches premium artisan jewellery range AK Vintage

Proving that jewellery doesn’t have to be heavy to make an impact, AK Vintage, the limited edition jewellery line by Portland-based Anna Korte, combines delicate light chains with vintage leather or brass pieces.

With the exception of the ear wires and some of the clasps, every single piece in Anna’s collection is 100% vintage, which lends them an aura of classical elegance. Anna hunts through antique stores and estate sales for special pieces, although the majority of her discoveries are from old costume jewellery warehouses.

The leather used in the designs is also recycled from vintage ladies’ gloves, which has a luxuriously tactile touch. These vintage components are then transformed by Anna into jewellery that is very current and wearable, especially against smooth lines and luxe fabrics.

Blending into the creative process, each design is also named after tiny beautiful fragments of works by poets that have inspired Anna. Her first collection used the poems of E. E. Cummings, and this has since been followed by writers including the 18th Century Lebanese poet and author Kahlil Gibran, celebrated influential American poet Walt Whitman, and Indian legends.

Although from diverse backgrounds, these poetical contributions share a beautifully lyrical take on the power and gentility of nature, as shown in pieces such as the Gibran-inspired ‘Subtlest Beauties’ earrings, or Indian legend-inspired ‘Cluster of Showers’ necklace.

Devidoll is launching AK Vintage in the UK with a capsule collection of eight pieces from the covetable women’s and men’s ranges, which epitomise the best of Anna’s fusion of whimsicality and elegance.

One of the most dynamic and beautiful pieces, this Arrows in a Quiver necklace, named after a section of Indian legend poetry, is a striking addition to any jewellery box. The long brass chain looks its best when set against plain elegant fabrics, to channel its classical appeal. £44.00

Using Anna’s penchant for leather, this Cluster of Showers necklace is made from antique leather kid gloves and is softly feminine, as well as gorgeously supple to touch. £48.00

These Dream Song earrings, made of gold-filled ear wire and vintage brass charms is one of my favourite pieces - its combination of interlocking rings and delicate feathers are a perfect example of Anna’s ability to mesh the different styles of vintage and modern. £33.00

Similar to the Dream Songs piece, these Feather in my Hand earrings use lightweight vintage brass, making it feel like you are wearing air on your ears.

This Many are the Fleets necklace, from the men’s/unisex collection holds a more masculine appeal with vintage brass lanyard hook, spike and toggle charms. £37.50

Gorgeously named, these Subtlest Beauties earrings live up to their promise with vintage leather tassels adding a subtle flash to any outfit. £51.00

Using vintage brass chevron tags, this Comrades Mine necklace, from the Men’s/Unisex collection, given its unusual shape can be worn as easily by men as by women. £37.50

The trio of beads sat on the Glories Strung like Beads necklace is one of the more subtle pieces in the collection, but its intricate use of a brass love knot keeps it striking. £37.50

By Florence Buswell


Amy said...

This is an absolutely brilliant idea and the prices are reasonable as well! I will be featuring the range on my site ASAP!

Amy xo

SV said...

So pleased that you like it....of course, we are in love with it too! Thank you for spreading the word! The full collection will be available to buy from early September.


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