Thursday, October 16, 2008


Look at these two - chic, stylish friends who look pretty wiped out. Sounds like us, no? We've got the look, we got the style but, sadly, we also read the papers....sigh.

Newspapers are awash with bad news (yesterday's Telegraph front page was a number -- the cost of global banking crisis bailout -- and it had so many zero's it almost fell off the side of the page. £2 trillion if you must know). And with winter's most definite approach the last few days have been awash in general.

The papers are, in the same breath, full of information about how the ordinary you and me should cope with the crisis in money (thats basically what it is, after all). And fashion shopping does get a central mention - Telegraph's Bryony Gordon smiles from above the £2trillion number and we read 'NOW IS THE TIME FOR BARGAINS'.

Exactly. Which is where DeviDoll comes in. With its Comfort Sale. We decided to put everything - absolutely everything on the site - which includes new colection -- on sale for upto 40% off for 1 week.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Just ask those two.

So whether its your
or your 'i-must-do-some-fabulous-xmas-shopping-while-there-is-a-bargain'
or a combo of all 4 or some other motivation --

ps -- since everything is on sale you could get lost. Here are some Autumn 08 stars:

Aymara Amanda Knit Cardigan

Doie Bamboo and Silk Tomkins Top (we have it in Black and Silver/Ice Blue)

FIN Organic Cotton Jersey Polo Neck top and Organic Cotton Jersey Full Skirt (looks nice as one but not a set)

So thats a micro-mini taster but now you know.....

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