Monday, March 10, 2008


Late last year I met two bright and very motivated women in the midst of executing an inspired idea: to create a practical and widely relevant magazine that showcased the best in ethical fashion and lifestyle. They had thoroughly researched the idea and realized that what was missing was a publication correctly balanced between all that is glamourous about fashion and all that is ethical (or not) about glamourous fashion. It was a project that could not have come at a better time and exactly for that reason, a very daunting to take on. Well, as the new online version hits our inboxes, I can safely say Amisha Miller and Lauren Maleh have pulled their plan off and with some aplomb.

The inaugural online edition of NU -- 'fashion laid bare' -- has much to offer -- fashion everywhere -- the kind that everyone involved with this 'space' wants to broadcast and that equally, lots who are not involved should see and know about.

And its more than fashion...

NU is a welcome magazine for those who know their Kelly B from their FIN (and love both!) but (and this is the really important bit) also those who don't... it has the right look and tone to introduce ethical fashion to those who only understand the 'fashion' part. This is a key service that ethical publications - especially those focused on fashion - must provide and NU gets it right.

Their spring issue is out soon but, in the meanwhile, you can download this issue free and get started on everything NU.

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